Wholesale Seeded Paper Wildflower / Card Plain - Eco Friendly Print at Home Craft Paper with Wildflower Seed Mix

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Beautiful bee friendly seeded wildflower cards for home printed greeting cards, invites and other craft projects. The card is recycled and made from 100% cotton waste and contains wildflower seeds inside of the card

A5 148 x 210mm
A4 210 x 297 mm
GSM: 220-250

How to Print? Our seeded cards are premium quality and slightly thicker than most but should print on most inkjet printers. Please check if your printer can print on 270gsm card stock

Seeds? Our seeded paper comes with high quality wildflower seeds that will be pollinators so are good for bees. 

How to plant?

PLANT - Tear up the card and put in a pot with soil/compost
WATER - Water and keep moist. Make sure the card does not dry out
SUN - Put the pot somewhere warm with sunlight
GROW - Re-pot or plant directly in garden when seeds have started sprouting allowing for the flowers to grow

*Please only plant in your household as eco systems can be fragile*